Manhattan Red Marmalade

Public Enemy #14

One in our trio of authentic, thick-cut marmalades cut by hand and created in small batches over three days resulting in an exquisite bittersweet bite.

This traditional three-fruit marmalade is a true citrus lover's delight made from oranges, lemos and grapefruits, its requisite bitterness mollified by smooth, gently spiced whisky, vermouth and a splash of cherry juice.  

The Manhattan cocktail was popularized near the end of the nineteenth century and was a fixture throughout Prohibition. The history of the classic cocktail is disputed but popularly attributed to a banquet hosted by the trendy Manhattan Club where the cocktail was served.

Regardless of its origins, the Manhattan has become the enduring and esteemed drink of choice for countless cocktail aficionados.

Each jar comes with a cocktail recipe card. Gift Boxes available (options shown on right)

Ship up to six jars for a flat rate of $8.50 anywhere in the Continental US. [Contact Us for shipping rates on large orders]




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