Peach Brandy Blueberry

Public Enemy #5

This quintessential summer flavor pairs two Southeastern fruits in an All-American combination that tastes as though it was stolen from grandma’s pie recipe and preserved to enjoy throughout the year.

These potent blueberries possess a distinctive, succulent taste twinged with a slight tartness that melds perfectly with Southern peaches, their buttery yellow flesh, delicate aroma and velvet skin bursting with a flavor that contains the perfect mixture of acidic tang and opulent sweetness. This pair is accented by a peach-flavored eau de vie, bottled to preserve the freshness of the fruit in a method made commonplace by prohibition-era distillers pushed to be ever more resourceful in order to avoid the governmental regulations on alcohol production.

Each jar comes with a cocktail recipe card. Gift Boxes available (options shown on right)

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