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PRESS: Organic Artisan Jam in Nashville

PRESS: Organic Artisan Jam in Nashville

Freshfully (September 2012)
by Susannah Felts

"Not only are these lovelies organic and mostly made with local fruit, they’re spiked with spirits like Tennessee whiskey, limoncello, peach brandy, coconut rum, and the list goes on, delectably. It’s Bathtub Gin, straight outta 21st century Nashville with a strong scent of Prohibition Era....One of the coolest things about Bathtub Gin is that each flavor – they’ve concocted 16 to date – comes with a recipe for a cocktail that can be made with that jam. So we’re back full-circle to the cocktails. It’s genius: Jam for your breakfast, jam on your sandwich at lunch, jam in your post-work drink! "

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