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PRESS: Toast of the Town

PRESS: Toast of the Town

Nashville Tidbits (August 2011)

"Your excuse 'It's 5 o'clock somewhere,' before tipping back your first cocktail is starting to cause darting glances from your more judgy friends. Especially when it’s before noon. Get your faux fix any time of day via organic artisan preserves from Bathtub Gin. Concocted by two Nashville sisters with a penchant for all things circa 1930s, these spirited jams are cocktail themed, boasting delish flavors like Limoncello Strawberry, Coconut Rum and Strawberry Chardonnay. The perfect pairing with scones, muffins or toast, each flavorful jar comes with a suggested recipe, some of which are customer-created.
Throw those uppities off your track—if they smell booze on your breath, tell them to mind their jam business."

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